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\ sun-dree\ : made up of different things

Kelli Newman Mason

Welcome! Sundry Style is your one stop shop for thoughtfully curated products from exceptionally talented black creators.

The seed for Sundry Style was planted when I learned that a dollar stays in the Asian American community for over a month, in the Jewish American community for almost 20 days, but in the African American community for less than 6 hours. Around the same time, I discovered that one of my favorite online shopping destinations featured no black designers.

I knew there were hundreds of amazing black fashion designers and artisans out there, they just needed a platform for the rest of us to find them. That is where Sundry Style comes in. At Sundry Style, we’re making it easier than ever for you to discover gorgeous finds by black creators. We are so glad you’re here. Come back daily for new arrivals!

xo Kelli 

How It Works:

When you purchase a product on Sundry Style, your order is sent directly to the merchant who will fulfill the order with love, care, and attention to quality. Most items are shipped within 3 days and most creators accept returns if you are unhappy for any reason. So what are you waiting for? Try Sundry Style, look and feel great, and support underrepresented designers and artisans.



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